Veterinary Park Potomac

We offer a few different types of appointments because we understand your needs are never exactly the same. When you come for your visit at Veterinary Park Potomac we check you in, you get comfortable in our beautifully calming space. You can choose to be part of the exam experience, or while we take care of your pet you can enjoy the beautiful Park Potomac area.

Lobby View

Once our Receptionist has checked you in for your pets appointment, they will get your pets weight on our scale then take you into either our Dog Room, Cat Room, or Comfort Room. Enjoy a clean, comfortable room while the Vet Assistant takes your pets vitals and asks about your concerns.

Almost anything your pet needs during their appointment, we have in our Treatment Area. We have a full In-House Lab where we can run almost any bloodwork and get your pet’s results within an hour. Does your pet need radiographs? We have state of the art Digital Radiology available as well.

We also offer Dental Cleanings with Dental Radiographs and a full Surgery Suite for Spay, Neuters, Mass Removals and more.